We've compiled a list of what most people want to know about Google Sites. Please take a look and we hope this information is helpful!

What are the benefits of using Google Sites?

Is Google Sites free to use?

Yes, it is free for everyone with a valid Google account (if you are with a Google Workspace account and unable to find Google Sites, make sure that your domain was formerly enabled in the settings).

Google Sites is easy to use?

It is very easy to make changes on Google Sites. It comes with an intuitive web builder and anyone with basic knowledge in using applications like Google Docs or Sheets can easily make edits, even without any programming skills.

Is Google Sites mobile friendly?

Yes, Google Sites is mobile friendly. Google Sites automatically resize to fit your device's screen size. You don't need to create a separate design or development for mobile screens.

Google Sites is secured and reliable?

These days, with the rise of digital technology, people are becoming more and more aware of security. Google Sites comes complete with a high level of security to keep your site safe - it is almost impossible for hackers to hack into the website hosted by Google. An added bonus: you get SSL (Secure Socket Layer) free when you sign up the Google Sites! In addition, the platform offers 99.9% uptime with no bandwidth limits.

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Does Google Sites have a CMS?

You can easily see the changes that have been made in any Google Sites page and who made those changes. Moreover, you also are able to revert to a previous version of the site, rename it or even copy a specific old change/date. Please refer to Google Site's Official Help guide "Find what's changed in a site" for more.

What is the storage limit for Google Sites?

There is no storage limit on Google sites. Sites, and the content you embed in sites, doesn’t count toward your Drive storage quota. Images and other content added to a site are stored within that site (they're not added to Drive or any other Google product). Deleting a Site file also deletes the content within that site; separate copies stored in Drive aren’t affected. Read this article for detail.

Can I link my business domain to Google Sites?

Yes, you can link your business domain to Google Sites. Once you have created a Google Site, you can easily add your business's domain. Please refer to Google Site's Official Help guide - "Use a custom domain for your site" for detail. 

Can I embed a custom HTML, CSS to my Site?

Although CSS is not supported in Google Sites, you can add custom code to your content by clicking the "Embed" button and inserting it.

How can I transfer ownership of my Google Sites?

Moving your Google Sites to a new owner is now easier than ever thanks to this guide! There are three ways you can do this, so refer to this guide 'Three Ways to Transfer Ownership of Google Sites' in order to know which option will be best for you.

Can you host an image from Google Sites?

You can't. However, you can share images from Google Drive and make it a permanent universal link.

First, share the image file with anyone with a link to view. And then find the fileID and use this link format:{fileID}

For example, the image link below has a fileID of ‘1FelKrywVCfIZ5XJlrBxeG6KzfPz7q3Sz’.

To view your image on the web, change the url as follows;

Can I use Google Adsense with Google Sites?

No, you cannot use Google Adsense with Google Sites. Google is not offering Adsense with Google Sites.

Can Google Sites be used as a blog? And can it have an RSS feed?

Although it may not have a RSS feed function, Google Sites is still an excellent blogging platform. Blog sites like blogger and Medium offer RSS feeds as part of their services.

Does google sites has a sitemap? Can I submit Google Sites to Google Search Engine?

Google Sites does not have a sitemap, but you can submit your website to Google Search Console in order to improve its SEO. For detail, please refer to this blog article; How to submit your Google Sites to Google in order to improve your search results.

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