The Benefits of Google Sites: What It Can Do For Your Business

April 5, 2022
Google Sites is a website builder and it has benefits for your business.

Websites have become the de facto marketing and communication tool for many businesses. With the right CMS (content management system), businesses can have their own branded websites at a low cost and easily manage their content.

Sites such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are free to use and have a myriad of free and premium plugins available to extend their functionalities. However, these platforms do not provide a space for businesses to manage their content centrally and tailor communication and marketing efforts to target the right audience.

Google Sites is a free, easy-to-use website creator that allows you to create a site in a few simple steps from your desktop or laptop. With Google Sites, you get the tools you need to create a site that’s both professional-looking and fast and easy to manage. You can also manage your content with ease and choose from a variety of free and premium themes.

Google Sites Advantages

Google Sites offers a number of advantages to your business.

  1. Google Sites is free. It's also easy to use as using a google document, which makes it convenient. If you’re just starting out with website design or don’t have the time or skills to learn how to build your own site, Google Sites can help you get started and grow your business into the future.

  2. Google Sites allows users to easily add images and videos that make the experience more personal and engaging for visitors. With Google Sites, you can include multimedia content on your site without much difficulty.

  3. Google Sites is on the Google cloud, making it more reliable than ever. It also provides security greater than 99.9% as well as reliability in order to keep your website up and running without a glitch.

  4. Google Sites is a fully responsive platform which automatically resizes to your device's width and optimizes for mobile screens, too.

  5. Google Sites takes care of all of the back-end work necessary so you don't have to worry about anything other than building content and getting it onto your site. That means that once you create content in Google Sites, it will automatically be posted on your site and updated. You won’t have to worry about updating plugins, hacking or making sure the site runs.

  6. Real-time collaboration. Unlike wordpress, Wix and other similar website builders, Google Sites allows multiple collaborators to work on the site simultaneously. It's a lot like working in google docs: it has a similar framework as Google Docs.

  1. Google Sites allows you to manage the entire version history with a built-in CMS feature. You can also compare current versions vs. new versions before publishing any update.

Should You Use Google Sites?

If you're looking for a platform that allows you to design your website with ease, as well as integrate content marketing efforts more efficiently, Google Sites is the perfect option for you. In addition to that, Google Site developers can upgrade your websites with advanced features and professional look-and-feel.