Three Ways to Transfer Ownership of Google Sites

Google Sites Ownership Transfer
January 31, 2022

Google Sites is a free and easy-to-use website builder that lets you create and share your website with the world.


It's perfect for personal use, such as creating a portfolio site or organizing family photos, to professional use such as running a business. You can access Google Sites on the web or through their mobile app.


You might not know this, but Google Sites can be transferred in just a few clicks. Whether you're transferring to another person or company, the site will automatically update and give the new owner all of the permissions that you had when you first created it. 


You can transfer ownership of your site in three different ways: 

How to Transfer Ownership 

1. Add a user and invite them as an owner.


The easiest way to transfer ownership of your site is by choosing the Transfer Ownership button in your Google Site settings. This will give whoever you want access to the same permissions that you had when you first created the site.

Google Sites sharing option

Click the 'Share with others' button at the top of the menu, add the email address of the person you want to transfer ownership to, and choose 'Transfer ownership' from the drop-down menu. Ownership request invitations will then be sent to that user, and ownership will be transferred upon acceptance.


However, if you are using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), the new Google Sites does not allow you to transfer an owner to outside of your domain user. That brings us to the next method.

2. Transfer via Google Shared Drives.


Open Google Drive and search the website you wish to transfer ownership of. (enter command type:site). And then drag and drop and move to a Shared Drive


This way, the site is no longer owned by an individual user. Now you can share to the outside domain user and manage the site with an editor (or editors).

Google Sites sharing with editor

But the problem in this method is that Shared Drives are only available on Google Workspace Business Standard or higher editions. Therefore, we are left with next  option as our last resort.


3. Copy instead of transferring


If none of the above methods work, you can invite a user as a collaborator and have the user copy the site instead. As a result, the site can be copied under the new owner and wallah!

Google Sites ownership transfer - copy



Google Sites Templates offer multiple ways to transfer ownership but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing which method to use. The first is convenience; the second is security.


If you're transferring an account that you don't use often, then using Google Drive might be easier because it's one extra step less than having to visit the site every time you want to change something. If you're transferring an account that you do use often, then it might be better for you to take the extra step and go through settings so that you always have quick and easy access to your site.


The other thing to consider when deciding which method is best for you is security. 


If no one else will need access and only you will use the account, then it doesn't matter which method you use because there's no risk of someone else accessing your content. 


However, if others will need access to the sites or if there is a risk that someone may attempt to do so, the best option for transferring ownership or sharing will need to be considered.

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