Your Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Custom Domain on Google Sites

Jul 12, 2022

There is no doubt that adding a custom domain to your Google Sites is a popular question as well as a daunting task. Throughout this article, we will explain how to easily add a custom domain to your site.

Add your domain to Google Sites and verify

The first step is to add a custom domain directly to your Google sites.

Go to your Google Sites and click the Gear icon (settings). In the Settings pop-up, select 'Custom domains'. You will only be able to see this 'Custom domains' menu option if you are the site owner. To add a domain, click the 'Add' button.
(Note: If the site owner is a Google Workspace user, 'Custom domains' menu may not show up. In this case, setup a domain within admin console. Here's the guide)

Add a custom domain to your sites
Choose an option for adding a domain from your domain registrar

If you have a domain registered with Google Domains, you will be asked to login. You can then select a domain and the DNS records will be automatically added.

Select a domain to add from Google Domains

If you own your domain through a third party registrar, like GoDaddy, enter the domain and click the 'verify ownership' link. In your GoDaddy DNS manager, you would need to enter the TXT/CNAME record. Once records have been added and saved, click the 'VERIFY' button.

Set up domain from a third party domain registrar
Verify domain with Cname and Txt records

Don't forget Google Search Console

Your domain must be connected to Google Search Console in order to be verified. Select 'Add property' from the navigation pane.

It may seem redundant, but connecting to Google Search Console is the best and fastest way to connect your domain to Google sites. In addition, it will help you with your SEO efforts. Check out this blog post for more information.

Add a domain in Google Search Console
Verify domain via DNS record in Google Search Console

After verification is complete, you will have to wait up to 48 hours, but most likely you will see your Google sites on your domain in a few hours.

Still need help?

For further detailed information can be found on Google Sites help guide. Also, you can post your issue on our facebook page or contact us directly.

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