Why Google Sites is Perfect for Under Construction page

Jun 14, 2022
Under Construction Site Example - Google Sites

If you’re making a website, it’s probably because you have something worth sharing with the world. But what happens if your site isn’t ready yet? Well, instead of giving your visitors nothing at all, you should give them a website under construction page.

This is also known as a “Coming Soon” page and is designed to let visitors know that your site isn’t quite finished yet. It gives them reassurance that they will be able to access your site again once it goes live again.

Google Sites is a great tool for creating one-page construction sites. Start with a template or embed a photo gallery image and enter a title.

Add Photo Gallery Image in Google Sites

And then choose a header type ‘Cover’ to show the entire image as background. Add buttons and icons as necessary.

Once the site is ready, all you need to do is map the domain to Google sites. See this page for instructions.

As Google Sites is totally free and does not require any hosting, you can use it as your construction site until your website is ready.

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