Why Buy Google Sites Templates as NFTs make sense

October 10, 2022
Google Sites Templates NFTs

In the world of modern business, things are rapidly changing. More and more people are looking for new ways of doing business that cut out unnecessary middlemen and costs. Instead of using expensive intermediaries to buy something, more people are turning to services as NFT contracts. Then why isn't this concept used on Google sites? Here's how this new concept works.

The NFT itself is valuable

What is the NFT? NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFTs are built on a blockchain but instead are used to guarantee ownership of an asset.

When you purchase Google Sites templates as NFTs, you receive a unique value. This means you can buy this asset and sell it with more values. Yes, Google Sites templates can be traded as assets. Hint. Take a look at Pokemon cards or baseball cards.

Premium Membership

This NFT will be used as a membership for launching new services, promotions, and events. The NFT holders will be entitled to special privileges and have exclusive access to certain channels.

More flexible payment options.

Some countries do not support sending/receiving money via credit card or PayPal. With the template offered as a NFT with cryptocurrency, anyone in the world can purchase it with non-US dollars without an intermediary bank or processor.

Plus, you'll never have to pay more for our premium Google Sites Templates and services. We deploy to your Google account and assist with startup setup. You just have more payment options.

How to buy the Google Sites Templates NFT?

To purchase the Google Sites Templates NFT, you need the Pera Algo app installed on your mobile device. Once you have done that, you should visit our NFT gallery in AlgoxNFT, and connect with the Pera Algo app. Then you can use an Algorand token to purchase Google Sites Templates NFTs. Once you have purchased the NFT, contact our support team so that we can verify your purchase and deploy Google Sites Templates to your Google account.

More to Come...

Our NFT journey has just begun with this version 1.0. As we evolve with better Google Sites design services and templates, so do our NFTs. In the world of Google Sites Design and Google Sites Templates, we are truly opening a new era! Stay tuned.

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