How to make Linktree on Google Sites

August 22, 2022
Google Sites Templates on Linktree

What is Linktree? Linktree is a landing page service that provides a list of links to all your social media accounts, websites, and brands.

Linktree allows you to create a custom and diversified web page full of important links to share with your clients. It's free, but you must pay for extra features like adding SEO meta tags, connecting to Google Analytics, and changing the background photos.

For example, you can build something like above for free and share the link.

However, it may can cause you trouble with phishing from scammers. For example, someone can create a Linktree page with your brand name and add links with phishing websites. Plus, you don't want to pay for paid service on Linktree in order to get additional features like SEO as mentioned above.

You can create your own Linktree page using Google Sites. The final outcome would be as follows:

Google Sites Templates for Linktree

You can create something similar by creating a new page or site in Google Sites. Then, hover over to the right sidebar and click on 'Insert > Social Links' to add social network icons and links. Make sure to include 'alt text' for SEO purposes.

Add Social media icon for Google Sites

Also, You can change or add themes to your sites. You don’t have to pay anything to change or add themes to your sites. :)

Google Sites Templates Linktree theme

Once you complete your design, you can add this site to your domain. For more information about custom domains on Google Sites, read this article.

Add a custom domain for google sites linktree

That’s it! You've just created your own Linktree in Google Sites and you can now promote this page to your partners, clients, or anyone else.

Need help?

For professional Linktree pages on Google Sites or for any other issues, you can contact us directly or post your question on our Facebook page.

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