How to build multi-language Google Sites and connect with domains.

December 15, 2022

Google Sites is very easy to design, so if you want additional language on your site, you can simply copy the entire site and translate it with different languages.

You'll need a custom domain once you've translated your site.

Here's how you can add an additional domain to your Google Domains account for your 2nd language Google site.

Say you already have as your main landing page, but you want to have for the Korean version.

As a first step, please add a custom domain to your Google Sites settings. Note that only the owner of google sites can add a domain under settings.

Next thing is logging into your Google Domains account, select the domain name and go to the 'Website' page to add a subdomain. Click on 'Build another website'

Build another website option in Google Domains

And then, click 'Continue' on the Simple site tile on this page.

Choose to build website in Google Domains

Next - Choose 'Use existing site' since you already have one with Korean language.

Create a website with Google Sites in Google Domains

Choosing your subdomain is the next step. I have put ko and selected already made Korean Google sites. Make sure you own the translated Google site. To prevent your main domain from being routed to the translated site, ensure that the option 'Also redirect....' is ticked off.

Connect your Google Sites to subdomain in Google Domains

Click 'No, keep existing records' on this page. This popup may not disappear after clicking this, as it seems to be a glitch. Go back to the 'Website' page on your Google Domains once you have completed this step.

Records setup for subdomains in Google Domains

Now as you can see, subdomains are connected to translated websites.

Multiple language Google Sites on Google Domains

Additionally, you will see that both English and Korean websites have DNS setup.

Website DNS settings in Google Domains

That’s it! Don't forget to link each other within Google sites so users can select languages.

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