Host your Google Sites on Firebase and Make it as an App.

August 31, 2022

Google Firebase is an application development platform that makes it easy to build web applications and apps. With Google Sites, you can build a free website by using the url and adding your own domain.

Unlike wix, Google Sites can be exported and downloaded as HTML files and hosted under Google Firebase. Why do you want your Google sites to be hosted in Firebase? There will be lots of uses cases, such as making a better website. Apart from that, you can do lots of other things such as A/B testing, expand to applications, etc. You can also host your images with a permanent URL.

Google Firebase is basically free for up to a certain usage tier, so it will give you another way to promote your online presence.

First Step. Export Google Sites as HTML files

First step is to download your Google Sites and export as HTML. Using Google Takeout, you can export only a specific Google Site. Read our blog post for detailed instructions. Extract the zip file into your computer's folder after you download it.

Second Step. Install programming tools

You will need to install Visual Studio Code, Node JS, Firebase-CLI before you can launch your website on Firebase.

Third Step. Create a Firebase project

Visit Google Firebase, sign in with your Gmail account. Click to create a new project and enter your project name.

Create a firebase project for google sites

You can add a Google Analytics by enabling it and clicking continue.

Add Google Analytics on Firebase project

You will be asked to log in to Google Analytics and choose a property or create a new one.

Configure Google Analytics on your Firebase project

Fourth, add Firebase to your website and deploy

The next step is to create a project. You can set up a firebase hosting and register the app.

Enter app name for your Google Site Firebase project

After copying this entire firebase SDK script, go to the folder where you have extracted the Google Sites HTML file. Launch the Visual Studio Code in this directory, open your homepage file and paste it before </body> tab. In this example, I did it on my HOME.html file.

Add firebase sdk script to your html file
Firebase SDK script on html file in VS code

Now next step is to install Firebase CLI if you haven’t done that.

After that, deploy the firebase hosting. You can launch a terminal in Visual Studio Code and enter 'firebase login' > 'firebase init' > You would need to choose ‘hosting’ options. It will ask you to create a 'public' folder by default. Continue by typing y.

Firebase hosting command for deploying google sites files

After initiation is complete, you will notice that a public folder is created. Now comes the important part, make sure to move all the files and folders under the public folder.

Move your google sites files and folders under 'public' folder

After that enter ‘firebase deploy’ It will then deploy your entire files in public folder into the firebase.

Firebase deploy command

Once completed, your entire website will look like this under Firebase. Mission accomplished!

Google Sites App in Google Firebase

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