Four Options to Add Live Chat to Your Google Sites

December 22, 2022
Google Sites with Live Chat

Live chat is one of the most effective ways to provide customer service, build customer loyalty and drive website conversions. This feature allows businesses to interact with customers in real-time, providing an engaging, personalized experience that can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Not only does live chat provide customers with an immediate response to their questions, but it also offers businesses a variety of benefits, such as increased sales, improved customer service, and greater customer engagement. By integrating a live chat feature into your Google Sites, businesses can take advantage of these benefits and create a better customer experience. Here are four types of live chats that you can implement to your Google Sites.

Option 1. Live Chat widget with expanding floating screen.

Almost all live chat widgets, including Tidio, Elfsight, Testmator are expanding embedded chat. Visitors can chat with an agent upon clicking the chat button and can have a conversation within the expandable floating screen.

However, Google Sites does not support dynamic live chats like this. When a user clicks the chat button, the expanded screen does not float, but remains stuck within the code area.

As an example, instead of showing this, you'll see this screen.

Live Chat example with expanding embedded floating chat in website

You expected this on Google Sites (ie. Elfsight)

Live Chat example with expanding embedded floating chat in Google Sites

In reality, Google Sites work like this:

In order to show an expanded area, you need to ensure that there is enough code area so that when the user clicks a button, it expands and becomes visible within the code area.

  • Pros: The screen is expandable and interactive. It is ideal for any website.

  • Cons: Google Sites does not support expandable live chats. The workaround is to have more space for the entire code area, taking into account the expandable screen.

Option 2. Expanded Live Chat

You can embed already expanded live chat instead of expanding live chat on Google Sites. So, your visitors will be able to communicate in a comprehensive chat room.

Expanded Live Chat example in Google Sites

Expanded Live Chat example in Google Sites (ie: Rumbletalk)

  • Pros: The chat window is comprehensive.

  • Cons: Chat area occupies too much space.

Option 3. Button Image to Live Chat

It is also possible to create a chat button with a hyperlink so that the user can start a conversation in a different tab or page. It's not as convenient or fancy as the first option, but it works well for Google sites. When your website visitor sees that your agent is online, he or she clicks to contact an agent.

Button Image to Live Chat in Google Sites

Button Image to Live Chat in Google Sites
(ie. Mylivechat)

  • Pros: A simple solution for Google Sites. Upon clicking a button, the user will be taken to the next screen where the conversation will begin.

  • Cons: The appearance is not outstanding, and the user cannot continue their conversation on the same screen.

Option 4. WhatsApp as Live Chat

The final option is to use social media gadgets such as WhatsApp. The Whatsapp website widget is simple and easy to use. It is possible to utilize your WhatsApp phone number for online conversations, and when a visitor presses the live chat button, the message is then dispersed through WhatsApp. Moreover, these live chat widget services are offered at no cost, though the features are somewhat restricted.

WhatsApp Live Chat in Google Sites

WhatsApp Live Chat in Google Sites

For example you can simply put this code on your website. Replace phone number to yours with country code. For example, the phone number on this code is +1-408-555-5555

<a href="" style="display: inline-block; padding:16px; border-radius: 8px; background-color: #25D366; color: #fff; text-decoration: none; font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 16px;">Contact us on WhatsApp</a>

  • Pros: Embed your existing social app and start a conversation with your visitors without having to worry about paid plans.

  • Cons: The visitor would need the same social media app as Whatsapp.

Your Live chat choice

If you decide to integrate a live chat feature on your Google Sites and use a third-party application, you’ll have to select the right application to meet your needs. The most important thing to know before picking a live chat application is what each type does and how it's compatible. With live chat on your Google site, your interaction with visitors will improve and your chances of winning sales will increase.

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