Five Simple Methods and Tips for Adding Tables to New Google Sites

March 31st, 2024

One of the challenges with the new Google Sites is the absence of a built-in table component. While the classic Google Sites allowed for easy table insertion, this feature seems to have been omitted in the new version. But don't worry, I'll guide you through several simple methods to add tables to your new Google Sites.

1. Embedding a Google Sheets-based Table

The most straightforward way to include a table on your Google Site is by embedding a Google Sheets spreadsheet. While it might not offer the sleek design you had in mind, it gets the job done efficiently.

2. Adding an HTML-based Table

If you're familiar with HTML coding, you can embed a table using the 'Embed Code' option. This allows for more customization and a cleaner presentation.

3. Utilize a Table Converter Tool

For those who aren't comfortable with coding, there are free online tools available(ie. DivTable Converter / Tableizer) that can convert table data into HTML.

4. Google Drawing

Another simple option is to create a table using Google Drawing. Once the table is designed, you can convert it to an image and embed it directly into your Google Site.

5. No-Code Table Builder (Freemium)

Some No code builder tools like Awesome Table allow you to create visually appealing tables with various templates. Once created, you can easily embed these tables onto your Google Site.

That's it! If you have any other methods you'd like to see included, please leave a comment.

Reference: For a hands-on demonstration, here are sample Google Sheets and Google Sites links:

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