Convert Your Google Sites as Pitch Deck

January 5, 2023

Your Google Sites can be a great tool for presenting your pitch deck.

The Microsoft Powerpoints and Google Slides already offer this, and you can build pitch deck slides and share them with a link. However, there are two major drawbacks in powerpoints and Google Slides.

To start with, all Google Slides links begin with, which is a very long url. Take a look at this slide url, for example. The link is too long, so the recipient may hesitate to open it, thinking it is a phishing or invalid link. Besides, your brand hardly reflects this link.

Although you can use short url services like tinyurl, it still starts with their brand name.

In addition, analytics cannot be used to monitor traffic. Analyzing traffic sources and further targeting based on analytics insights is important if you are promoting material for public audiences.

All of these can be achieved with Google Sites. You can build a perfect pitch deck in Google Sites without sacrificing your slide design.

Create Your Google Sites for Pitch Deck

The first thing you need to do is create a new Google Site. Start with any template or a blank Google Sites template if you prefer.

On the right sidebar, click the plus circle under the 'Page' menu pane. Here, you will find four options. Choose 'Full page embed'.

'Add Page' options in Google Sites

Now you will see two options: Add embed and Add from Drive.

Full page embed option in Google Sites

If you click the ‘Add embed’ option, you can embed your pitch deck file or design from your script code or site link.

Embed from the web in Google Sites

The simplest option is to click 'Add from Drive'. You can choose your pitch deck from your google drive and it will appear like this. To share your pitch deck slides with others, make sure the sharing option is set to 'anyone with the link can view'.

Sample pitch deck slides in Google Sites

Customize Your Pitch Deck in Google Sites

The logo and menu navigation bar can be removed so your pitch deck appears full screen if you don't want them to be visible.

You will also notice three icons, including gear, when you mouse hover over pitch deck area in Google Sites. Using the gear icon, you can adjust presentation settings such as autostart, look playback, delay time per slide, and starting slide number.

Customize Pitch Deck Presentation in Google Slides

Add a domain and Google analytics for branding.

The next step is to align your Google Sites-based deck with your brand. Your pitch deck will display with your brand or company's domain instead of the default Google sites URL at

As an example, here is the sample pitch deck for this demo:

Read: Your Ultimate Guide to Setting Up a Custom Domain on Google Sites

Your next step is to embed your Google Analytics to your website after adding a domain to your Google sites. In this way, you can track your website traffic and gain insight into your visitors.

Sign up for Google Analytics with your Google account if you do not already have it. Create a new property and enter the website address that you want to track under the ‘data stream’ menu. And you will see the MEASUREMENT ID which is the tracking ID.

Setting up Google Analytics for Google Sites

On your Google Sites, click the gear icon on the top menu bar and paste your Google Analytics code. For further information on setting up Google Analytics, click ‘Learn more’ link on below screenshot.

Add Google Analytics measurement ID into the Google Sites

Advanced: Get track record specifically for targeted campaigns.

If you want to track your campaign specifically, you can create a campaign url. Suppose you want to share your pitch deck website link with a specific community, online advertising or subscribers.

Visit Campaign URL Builder website and you can make a url something like this.

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