Adjust Margin wherever you want with Spacer option in Google Sites

September 26, 2022
How Spacer works in Google Sites

CIn case you're stuck due to margin limitations in Google Sites, here's good news for you!

The spacer feature in Google Sites allows you to have a more flexible margin between image and text sections. Having this option makes designing a webpage much easier for web designers.

In Google Sites, you can select Compact, Cozy, or Comfortable spacing from Custom Themes, but this option isn't available if you select default themes like Simple, Aristotle, or Diplomat.

With spacer, you can adjust margins on any page in any section. Here's how.

Whenever you need to add a spacing, go to Insert menu panel and select 'Spacer' option.

Spacer option in Google Sites

Dotted rectangles indicate spacing. Simply hover your mouse over the margin and adjust it.

Spacer as dotted rectangle

Of course custom themes can be used for the above spacing options as well as spacers for any sections.

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