7 Key Features of Google Sites

September 7, 2022
7 Key Features of Google Sites

As we had finished hundreds of Google Sites projects for the past few years, we've discovered some great features that all Google Sites fans would appreciate. Let's dive in.

Mobile Friendly

First off, All of Google Sites web pages are automatically optimized for mobile screens on iPhones, Android devices, iPads, and Android tablets. You don't need to fine-tune your pages for mobile screens. Simply say, it will look great on any device.

Take advantage of 60+ google services

Google Sites is built by Google. You can embed all kinds of Google services, such as YouTube, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Maps, and Google Groups, in a few clicks.

Embed Javascript, widgets and even webpage as a full page.

In addition, you can use the HTML embed feature to embed widgets from other websites like Jotform, Elvesight, Twitter, and Facebook, among others. Plus, Google Sites lets you embed any content and website as a full page.

Built-in Contents Management System

One of the best features of Google Sites is its built-in CMS, or content management system. You can see revision histories and revert to previous versions if you or your colleagues accidentally altered the content. This is especially helpful if you need to review or see how your website evolved.

Access Permission Control

Did you know that Google Sites is a popular intranet platform? You can build an intranet website for your organization, department, or team and then share it to your stakeholders. You may give readers permission to view the page, while editors may edit and maintain it for better collaboration.

Custom Theme

When it comes to theme, creating a custom Google Sites theme is as simple as designing a Google Slides presentation. You can use your brand's identity, color scheme, and background images to customize your Google Sites theme. Creating a theme or entire Google sites is simple with Google Sites. You can replicate a theme or even an entire Google site in a couple of clicks. You can build on top of one of the free available Google Sites themes or buy a custom Google Sites design from experts.

Unlimited possibilities

Google Sites is a free website builder and super easy to use. There is no hosting cost or storage taken off your Google Drive. Google Sites can be anything from websites to cloud storage, bookmarks, linktree, and even hosted web applications on different platforms. Google Sites opens up unlimited possibilities and you can find more.

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