10 Must Have Components for Intranet Google Sites

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March 8, 2022

Intranet Google Sites is an internal website for use within an organization. Intranet Google Sites are often used by large organizations to provide employees with a single point of contact for everything the company has to offer.

An intranet is different from a regular website because it's only accessible to your employees. An intranet isn't as general in nature as a website and contains information specific to your organization.

Intranet Google Sites provide a centralized access point for all types of organizational information, including organizational policies and procedures, employee directory, training schedules, and much more. One of the best ways to create an effective intranet is to have a set of components that you know will be useful for your employees. These components include:

Google Apps Service Menu Bar

Lots of companies that need an Intranet with Google Sites use Google Workspace to do their work. Having access to all the Google Apps services including gmail, drive, and calendar on one page simplifies access for staff members.

Google Sites Intranet Google Apps service menu bar

Knowledge Base

One of the most important components for an intranet is a knowledge base. A knowledge base provides FAQs and educational information about your company's offerings. This is a great place for employees to get answers to common questions about your company, products and services. Also common things like how to access wifi, use network printers, how to set up an email on mobile phones- these are all good examples of articles for knowledge-base pages.

Google Sites Intranet Knowledge Base

Discussion Forum

Intranet discussion forums provide a major boost for project management and company culture. Employees who feel like they can communicate openly and collaborate on projects often come up with innovations.

Google Sites Intranet Discussion Forum

Events Calendar

Event calendar is a place where you can see or list upcoming events, such as company holidays, special events, training sessions and more. Events on this calendar could be in the form of a Google Calendar, a link to a website, or even just a date and time if you'd like. You can also use this space to provide details about the event along with any important information such as location, topic, or guest speakers.

Intranet Google Sites Calendar

Staff Directory

A staff directory is a place where you can list the various departments or teams within your organization and their contact information. It makes it easy for employees to find the right person to talk to when they need assistance. Employees can search for a specific department or individual using keywords, titles, or other terms.

Google Sites Intranet Company Directory

Blog & News

Blogs are a great way to communicate with your team. They can be used to share company updates and provide helpful insights. Blogs are also an excellent way to encourage your team members to contribute content and get them involved in the intranet. Additionally, your intranet staff will benefit from important news around the company or industry.

Google Sites Intranet Blog and News

Projects Pages

A project page is a specific area on your intranet to list all of your current projects. From this page, team members can search for a specific project, view the team member working on it, and see the status.

Google Sites Intranet Team Project Page

Resources Library

A resource library is a place where your team members can access and see the shared information. A good resource library will include templates for documents and presentations, as well as links to helpful resources. You can also use the resource library to store information about policies or other important company-wide information. Resources should be carefully curated, so that you can provide the best possible tools for your team to work smarter.

Google Sites Intranet Team Drive

Social Media Integration

If you’re looking to build a stronger connection between your team, it might be worth including social media integration in your intranet. A lot of companies rely on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with their team. If this is the case for you, then it’s a good idea to make those tools available on your intranet as well.

Google Sites Intranet twitter widget

Office Locations

If you have multiple locations for your project sites or company, you can embed the Google Maps app to easily navigate them.

Google Sites Intranet Google Map locations office branch


Intranets are a powerful tool for improving employee collaboration and knowledge sharing. By including these 10 Google Sites components for your intranet, your team can stay on top of projects and collaborate more effectively.